Hi stranger 👋🏼. Welcome to my small blip of the internet.
I blog about product management, adventure motorcycles and startup life.

Thoughts on code

  • Code should add value
  • Everybody should be able to read the code
  • Code should be easy to make scalable on a later stage
  • Code should not create too many edge cases
  • Code must be reviewed
  • Code should not attract too much attention when running in production
  • Code should be easy

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Stop taking advice and do the job yourself

It's a little bit ironic to write a blog post with advice that asks you to stop taking advice, but here we go.

I advise a lot of people, especially around product management, but sometimes it feels like I am the 10th person they ask for the same advice. When

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Related posts, as a network

One of the awesome things about Medium is that you get a blogging platform with a build in audience, you don't need to build your own from the ground up. It's hard work building an audience on your blog, I am doing it right now, and it takes a long

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Slacking on Slack

Slack seems to be the tool all companies need if they want to be a real tech company. Email is dead, and real-time group chat is required to be cool.

Slacks tagline is "Slack - Where work happens" but I must admit that I have never done real work on

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The missing link in SaaS

One thing I liked about the good old days of desktop software was that applications always created a physical file on my local desktop. That file I could copy, share and open with other application as I wished.

I could export CSV files from my accounting system and open them

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