Making the KTM 690 ready for adventure part 1

Last fall we traded my old BMW F800 GS touratech edition in for a brand new KTM 690.

I was tired of the big weight and clunky handling on the BMW and after trying a KTM 690 I was sold.

Picking up the new bike

Picking up a new bike is always a magical moment, but the picking up the KTM 690 was the most fantastic pickup ever. Riding away on it felt like I had entered a new period in my bike life, it felt so vastly different from the BMW's I used to ride. From the dealer I had ordered the following improvements:

  • Tall KTM windscreen
  • KTM ABS dongle to deactivate ABS on the back wheel
  • KTM LED turn indicators
  • KTM 14 tooth front sprocket
  • KTM heated grips
  • KTM foam air filter

The build

The KTM 690 is a great bike streight out of the factory, but there are a few areas where the bike needs improvements. First of all the bolts that holds the subframe (tank) in place needs to be replaced as they have a tendency to break when you carry a load. I installed Perun Moto's reinforcement kit. I also installed the Perun luggage rack, but still needs to find a pannier rack and a set of alu panniers.

Next part of the project was to install the KTM foam air filter and then the new sexy Wings exhoust.

Next part was the Cleanspeed brake pedal, yet another sexy pice of engineering.

The last project of the day was to install the Perun Moto luggage rack.

At the end of part 1 of the build:

Next steps are buying and installing: