Making the KTM 690 ready for adventure part 2

The last few days we have been installing the awesome EVO 2 tank kit from Rally Raid, in total it will give the bike a fuel capacity of 26 liters, roughly that a range of 540 kilometers, awesome! Aaaand I love the look of the bike with the tanks fitted!

The bike up on the lift before we start to tear it apart.

First major part of the project is to remove the airbox, it's big and clunky and only just fits into the frame so its bit of a job to get it out.

Airbox out, alternator disconnected, now the fun parts of installing the tanks start!

New bracket to mount the alternator on is fitted, the build quality is amazing!

Draining the tank was the worst job of the day. We were lucky that we had a vacuum based oil drainer we could use to start the process. It took a few tries before all the gas was out. Next stop was to remove the fuel pump from the bottom of the tank.

Mounting the tanks for the first time, we can start to see how awesome they look on the bike.

It's always scary when you have to modify original parts to install a kit, but drilling the two required holes in the fuel pump cover was an easy five minute job.

Re-installing the fuel pump in the original tank with the connector piece to the new tanks, everything fits togeather perfectly.

The only issue we had with the EVO 2 kit was the tank mounting things that go around the frame. The thread inside the mount was not great and got destroyed even under no power. We had to buy longer bolts and fit locking knots on the other side, easy fix, but a bit of a disappointment.

Install of tanks finished, looks awesome!

I have not installed aluminum radiator protectors yet, so I had to modify the original a bit for a nicer finish. I also modified the small side covers that are installed on the frame next to the lock, they don't fit when the EVO 2 installed.

Aaaand the finished result, looks awesome, right?