Mentoring startups and founders

I have over the last 8 years mentored quit a few early stage startups and founding teams. I am pretty good at challenging your and give you a kick in the ass in the right direction.

I am an expert in B2B SaaS, idea validation, VC's, testing, product management and early stage surviving (very hard!).

 Niklas was a lead mentor for AutoUncle during the Startupbootcamp accelerator program. Niklas has provided us with top-class advice on specific matters related to IT, entrepreneurship and financing. He is always ready to help, fast-thinking and a very social and likeable person. In short, Niklas has been an outstanding mentor.  

 Said by Johan Frederik Schjødt CEO of AutoUncle in 2011.
 It was the most valuble 50 min meeting I have ever had, I was impressed by how you cut through the butter and moved the entire project in the right direction on the same time.  

 Said by Anders Larson 2017.

Let me know if you are stuck, need a push, have an idea you want to validate, get feedback or practice a pitch.

Ping me on and lets grab a coffee.