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Poof and your product is gone

Last week I talked with a startup that had struck a deal with a tech company, for a percentage of the startup the tech company would build their product.

When I asked how their product process was, the founders of the startup looked like at me like a big question

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The trench

It's now a few months since I left Trustpilot to start a new company together with my great friend Søren. It's 8 years since I last spent time only focused on such an early adventure.

It's amazing to be back in the trench, but also interesting to figure out how

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How to relax your mind

Through my many years as an entrepreneur, one of the hardest things to deal with is the constant flow of thoughts. Your girlfriend were speaking to you, but all you were thinking about was that one support case that were hard to solve. I remember when my mother turned 50,

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