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Should we build what sales asks for?

The other day, one of our product managers at Trustpilot came to me with a question: "Should we build what our sales team is asking for?"

Martin is a new product manager, and he has used the first few months in the role to go around and meet different parts

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I Failed my Company

This is not the post I should write about how I crashed my motorcycle in the Sahara desert and deemed both my arms out of action resulting in a silent blog, well sorry for that!

This is instead a post that has been brewing in the back of my mind

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Team quarterly plans

At Trustpilot, we are 550+ people across 7 different offices all over the world. When we set OKR's for a product team it's often hard for the entire organisation to understand why we are focusing on one area and not another.

I do a lot of stakeholder management, leadership meetings

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