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One of the awesome things about Medium is that you get a blogging platform with a build in audience, you don't need to build your own from the ground up. It's hard work building an audience on your blog, I am doing it right now, and it takes a long time and requires a lot of grid.

So how do people find you on Medium? One of the key features is the "Read Next" section at the bottom of every Medium post. On my latest Medium post it looks something like this:

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So after listening to The Bike Shed on how Thoughtbot build their blog post recommendation engine (at 21:30 ish) for their blog, I started to think: Why hasn't anybody make a product that gives you Mediums "Read Next" as a widget? You install it on your blog and then it gives you a full network of blogs that you link to, but also links back to you? A lot like Disqus just for recommendations with a build in network.

Maybe there is something out there I don't know?

Was that mildly interesting?

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