Product Management

I have 10 years experience in product management, here I try to put some of my biggest success and failures down into words.

The roadmap is dead

Long live the roadmap.

When you are working within product management there are a few principles that you need to accept and all of them point in a direction where the typical roadmap is dead.

We can't guess what features are going to be successful

I am a pretty good

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A successful product team

Its hard to describe our full process at Trustpilot in an easy to read blog post, it would take words enough to write a full book, not because it's complicated, but because it's different.

Instead of describing the full process from goal setting to delivering a product, iterating on it,

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A product managers reading list

I often talk with startups and product managers from larger companies about how we work, how they work and how we would all love to work. Often in our talks, their dream process and workplace is quite close to how we work at Trustpilot. Our conversations are often short and

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Should we invest more in it?

First time posted on the Trustpilot tech blog.

Okay, todays post is basic product mangement, but still a tool we often use to quickly take decisions on what features we should work on next. The tool is made to be a quick view on the cost/value split between ideas

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