The trench

It's now a few months since I left Trustpilot to start a new company together with my great friend Søren. It's 8 years since I last spent time only focused on such an early adventure.

It's amazing to be back in the trench, but also interesting to figure out how the hell we are supposed to work only the two of us when I have spent so much time the last many years on building teams to solve problems. In Trustpilot, I built product teams, in Firmafon I was a part of building the entire team. Right now it's just Søren and me. I am struggling to find the time. I want to code, I want to talk to customers, I want to build out our team.

A plan of how a trench should look, so far from how they looked when they hit reality. Source.

I also struggle with figuring out how to prioritize what we do. You re-read Lean Startup and think "shit we need to do this", you talk with a customer and think "damm, we need to do this asap", you think back on your own experience and a third thing pops up.

In this stage, we just all need to remember that the trench is different for all of us, do what your stomach tells you is right as long as you feel challenged and be ready to stop whatever you are doing when something more important comes along.

The trench is a messy, muddy and bloody place, it doesn't follow a well-orginized plan.

Was that mildly interesting?

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