Things has changed my life

For the last however many years, I have struggled with and stressed over remembering all my small daily to do's.

I forgot to empty the dishwasher if my girlfriend asked. I forgot small to do's from meetings.

It started to bug me so much that I had to do something about it. I tried the on the iPhone, I tried Post-its, I tried Trello. Nothing hooked.

Back in 2014, when I was confronting this issue, a co-worker  introduced me to Things. I got into the habit of using it as a “to do” list, but for some reason it dropped out of my routine.


Now, three years later, Things 3 has been released and it is an awesome, very simple app with a few important principles built in.

It's personal

Things 3 doesn't try to be your team’s “to do” list like Trello does. Things 3 is your personal to do list and nobody else’s. That is awesome! I use it for both work and my personal tasks, like immediate actions after a meeting or things I want to follow up on later on.

It's super for jotting things down and then putting them out of my mind

I have so many balls in the air that keeping everything in my memory is stressful. One thing that boosts my productivity is writing things down somewhere I know I will see them again, then letting them go in the interim, knowing I will eventually attend to them.

Every time I add a “to do” item to Things 3, I can set a deadline for when it must be done. Sometimes it’s straight away, but often I can put it off for a few days. I write the task down and it will then disappear from my “to do” list, only resurfacing on the day I need to do it.

This is a life changer for me. It helps me keep a clear mind and helps me keep my promises!

It's simple

Things 3 is a perfect balance between simplicity and power. It can do small projects and keep lists, notes, due dates, etc. It's more advanced than Reminders, but a lot simpler than most other “to do” applications.

The simplicity of Things 3 comes mainly from the awesome UX and design of the application. I simply love using it.

Over the last 60 days, the personal, simple, powerful interface has proven to be what I needed to change some firmly entrenched bad habits.

Today, I use Things 3 constantly. I have a list of things I need to do each day, and so-far I have completed all the tasks every day. This is a major shift in my life. Gone are the days where I put tasks off, gone is the worry of forgetting something.

Things 3 has changed my life.